“I combine my massage and physical therapy training and experience to provide professional care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”
— Margaret Zalenska, Owner of Healing Touch Massage Therapy

Margaret Zalenska studied massage therapy at the Medical Massage Institute in Krakow, Poland, where massage therapy is recognized as a medical profession. During her studies, she acquired knowledge in not only Theory of Massage, practical applications of massage techniques and anatomy, but was required to complete courses such as physiology, pathology, rheumatology and neurology. She was trained to deliver both relaxing and medical massages.

For Margaret, massage therapy was a suitable profession for she has been visually impaired since the age of 10.

After immigrating to the US, she realized that massage therapy in this country is accepted more as a luxury then an essential health improving remedy.

“I missed the medical aspect of massage and wanted to get back working in the medical field.”

Margaret completed a Physical Therapist Assistant Program at NOVA and acquired a Virginia state license to practice physical therapy.

Margaret continued working in both the massage and physical therapy fields until 2003 when she started her own massage therapy practice, “Healing Touch Massage Therapy Services.”

“I combine my massage and physical therapy training and experience to provide professional care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”

Margaret is also an accomplished athlete. She competed in numerous national and international track and field events for both Polish and US teams, including the ‘92 Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain.

“Being an athelete for many years has given me first-hand knowledge of the nature and treatment of various sports injuries.”


"From the very beginning, I was impressed with Margaret's skills and ability to find every last knot in my back and neck area. Other than having a massage therapist come to your home, Margaret's excellent massages are the next best thing in a comfortable, clean, and relaxing environment in her office at Park East."

— Christine Suchy, Parkfairfax, Alexandria, Virginia

After trying several different kinds of therapy without success to treat an injury to my left shoulder, I saw Margaret. Within two months she had completely cured my shoulder, relieving me of all pain and restoring normal range of motion. That was three years ago and I now continue with a standing appointment once a week. I highly recommend Margaret for anyone with a physical disability or for anyone who enjoys the benefits of a therapeutic massage.

— Dana White, Arlington, Virginia

I've been seeing Margaret as a client for about 5 years. My first visit was precipitated by a shoulder injury resulting from excessive computer use. After a couple of visits, the pain was gone. I've been seeing her regularly since that time for release of stress and tension in my neck and back. What magic she performs!

— Maggie Owens